Platform Updates for December

We’ve added quite a lot of new features and functionality over the last few months, and I’m excited to share these updates with you today.

Let me also take a moment to thank those who responded to our short survey about new features. Your input is valuable to us and will help us continue to make the product better and better. I’ll talk a bit about our development roadmap later in the message.

For now, though, let’s talk about what’s new!

Support for Stripe

We’ve added a new credit card payment method in addition to Komoju and PayPal. Stripe is a leading global payment processor that offers competitive fees and excellent fraud protection. Learn more about Stripe on the Stripe website. To enable Stripe for payments go to Sites -> Payment Methods in the Vinimo admin console.

Integration with VIVINO

You can now send your Vinimo product feed to VIVINO to sell wines on their popular platform. To set it up simply go to Integrations and check the Enable checkbox. You can optionally add a % markup to the default price for all products in the feed. Please note that VIVINO currently only supports English for the feed.

New Like Function

Website users can now Like your wines! We’ve added a clickable heart icon throughout the website which allows users to create a list of wines they like and want to be able to find again easily. 

You’ll notice a new heart icon in the header. A badge appears when users Like wines, and clicking the icon takes you a My List page with all of your liked wines.

When logged in your liked wines are saved as part of your profile, and when not logged in they are saved in cookies which persist across sessions.

In the admin console we have added a Likes column to the Wine Search page which shows the total number of Likes for each wine. Also, you can view any customer’s Liked wines in the customer details screen under the Likes tab.


New Content Blocks

In the Content Blocks screen you will find two new blocks which you can edits to suit your needs.

Newsletter Opt-in Terms will de displayed in a popup window when you click the Details link next to the newsletter subscription checkbox. Use this text to let customers know what your policies are for email marketing and communication.

Order Complete lets you edit and manage the text that appears when a customers has completed the chdeckout process.

New Page Layout Options

We have the following new layout options in the Page Layouts screen:

  • Set the default width (in %) for the content pages in your website. These pages defaulted to full-width before, but now you can set it to any value you like.
  • We now offer two layout options for the blog list page, list and grid. Try both and see which one you like better!

Enjoy less spam.

We’ve added reCAPTCHA to the contact form to reduce the amount of spam that comes in through the form. If you had a spam problem before it should be fixed now!

New Product Fields

Want to limit the number of bottles of a particular wine each customer can order? Now you can! Just enter the maximum number users can order at one time in the Quantity Limit field and you’re done. 

Also, if you’re selling food items or non-alcoholic drinks you can be sure the tax is properly set to 8% by using the Product Type option.

Find these options in every product details page here:

What’s coming next?

Based on your feedback to the recent customer survey we will be working next on these new features:

  1. Create and send orders from the Vinimo admin console. This feature will allow website operators to create orders themselves, and then have the system send a link to the customer via email. Customers will then click the link to view the order details, and can pay for the order online using the payments methods you have made available.
  2. New Shop page. We'll create a new widget-enabled Shop page which you can use as the main page for your product content, special promotions, etc.

You can expect these to become available in Q1 of 2023.
Finally, we are also considering a new feature that would let operators create non-wine products in Vinimo and sell them online. These might include food, accessories, gift boxes, etc. If this is something you would like to have please reply and let us know!

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